Pablo Picasso

In Picasso’s work, the Rose Period was relatively short (from the fall 1904 until the end of 1906) and quite uneven. A large number of pictures were marked with a bright color; we see the advent of pearl gray, ocher, pink and red tones; there appeared new topics, such as actors, acrobats, athletes, and became dominant. The Cirque Medrano that was located at the foot of Montmartre hill certainly did provide a lot of material for the artist. Melodrama in its many manifestations (the suits, the accented gestures), a variety of different people, both beautiful and ugly, young and adult, returned the artist to the world of slightly transformed, but real forms, dimensions and spaces; paintings were once again filled with life as opposed to the characters of the Blue Period.

Picasso, La buveuse d’Absinthe, 1901

Picasso, Garçon avec un chien, 1905

Picasso, Femme à l’éventail, 1907 – 1908

Picasso, Homme aux bras croisés, 1909

Picasso, Table dans un café, bouteille de Pernod, 1912


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